Facilitation and training

The Space Melbourne Approach

Space Melbourne supports peacebuilding, resilience, leadership development, and strategic problem-solving using creative facilitation and capacity building.

Working with the customer we develop a clear understanding of the objectives to be achieved. Most importantly, we spend time developing an understanding of the participants. We create an agenda for the ‘space’; workshop, retreat, summit, capacity building session, or training session based on this understanding of the objectives and the participants. We use an elicitive, creative, and dynamic approach. Participants spend little time in their seats.

We create connection and strengthen understanding and communication. We harvest the creativity and innovation of the participants. We provide the time, space, and setting for people to make tangible progress in overcoming obstacles, discovering new approaches, and developing experiential lessons.

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Space Melbourne offers custom facilitation, training, retreats, coaching and mentoring. Space has experience in bi and multilingual facilitation. Modalities include face to face, virtual and hybrid. Facilitation and training objectives include, but are not limited to:

  • Resilience development - individual, team, community or organsational

  • Team building and staff retreats

  • Systems change - strategic, organisational and community change

  • Peace building

  • Leadership development

  • Conflict management in the workplace

  • Peace leadership

  • Preventing violent extremism

  • Social cohesion

  • Future visioning

  • Creativity and peace building

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