Resilience Retreat – Flinders, Victoria Australia – 23-27 April 2025


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Reconnect, Renew, Resilience by the Sea


Are you feeling overwhelmed, drained, or on the brink of burnout? Are you tired of feeling like an afterthought?

Join us for a transformational retreat where it’s all about you. We prioritize your well-being and personal growth. We’re dedicated to helping you reignite your inner fire, rediscover your creativity, and reconnect with your true self.

We provide the space and nurturing environment for you to conquer life’s challenges and fortify your resilience. A serene blend of nature, hands-on experiences, movement, music, storytelling, new relationships, and more will help you reconnect to why you love what you do. Step away from external demands and focus on YOU, enhancing your self-awareness and self-confidence. The best part? We’ll equip you with a personalized plan to sustain the peace and mindfulness you’ll unearth once you return home.

At our retreat, we invite you to put down your heavy burden, unpack what no longer serves, and repack with resilience.

Escape to this idyllic Australian seaside resort town: Join us for 5 days and 4 nights of bliss in the peaceful seaside town of Flinders. All our activities take place in breezy, shaded beachside settings.

What’s Included:

  • Round-trip transport between Melbourne (Tullamarine) Airport and the venue
  • Comfortable accommodation
  • Catered meals (except for 2 dinners) tailored to your dietary preferences
  • Refreshing snacks and drinks throughout the day
  • Serene green and seaside spaces
  • All materials for our creative activities
  • Guided practices to discover your centre and amplify resilience
  • A customized blueprint to uphold your newfound mindfulness and resilience long after the retreat

Cost: A$2,485.00


Surrender to the Flow: We’ve intentionally left out a detailed schedule to free you from the daily grind. It may seem challenging, but it grants you the freedom to embrace the present moment without worrying about what’s next. It’s time to loosen the grip. Trust us to hold space for you.

Ready to reclaim control over your life and mental well-being? Secure your spot today. Your journey to resilience starts here.

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